My boyfriend has scratches on his back - 🧡 Why We Like to Have Our Backs Scratched | by Taylor Mitchell Brown | Medium

My boyfriend has scratches on his back

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My boyfriend's masturbating bothers me. Am I wrong?

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I leave scratches on his back... he complains😒

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he wont stop biting himself and scratching, my boyfriend thinks it may be allergic reaction , where hes bleeding is almost at his tail... | PetCoach

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When my boyfriend and I have sex I leave as many deep scratches in his back as possible He thinks it's because he's amazing in bed, but I do it so if

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Black Lives Matter — Scratches Down My Back

My boyfriend just came home with long scratches on his back and claims they're from

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What are your thoughts about the scratches on my husband's back? My husband is 66 years old. He says he doesn't know where the scratches came from and they might be a