Chrome dino ゲーム - Dino Game

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ゲーム chrome dino Dinosaur Game

ゲーム chrome dino Dinosaur Game

ゲーム chrome dino Chromeの恐竜ゲームをiPhoneで遊ぶ方法。ウィジェットに追加するだけ!

ゲーム chrome dino Chrome Dino

ゲーム chrome dino Chromeブラウザの隠しゲーム「恐竜ゲーム」起動方法を紹介。スマホも利用可

ゲーム chrome dino Google検索にゲームが出現!?隠しコマンド6選

ゲーム chrome dino 【話題】あの恐竜も五輪モード?Chrome「恐竜ゲーム」で競技スタート

Play the Chrome dino game with your gamepad

ゲーム chrome dino Dino Game

Dinosaur Game from Chrome

ゲーム chrome dino Chrome Dino


Reception [ ] The game received widespread recognition, with the creators revealing in September 2018 that approximately 270 million games were played monthly.

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The schematic overview below, taken , shows the mapping and the arrangement of the buttons and axes on a generic gamepad.

  • Haptic effects can be played by calling Gamepad.

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